CS3 Partners works with the leadership teams of non-profit organizations and philanthropic institutions to improve their decisions about the future in setting strategic direction, maximizing reach and building organizational capacity.

We do this by generating insights from research, and skillfully facilitating leadership meetings to arrive at solutions that are practical, implementable, and unique to the needs of each client.

At the start of each project we work with our client to identify the central strategic issues to be resolved.  We then design our work to focus on these issues, making our engagement targeted and efficient.  This allows us to provide high-value strategy work on issues of primary importance to our clients.

Strategic solutions are designed collaboratively with our client, so that good ideas get adopted, and plans get implemented.  This approach results in outcomes that are valuable, relevant, and lasting.

As one of the leading management support organizations, CS3 Partners brings the most current tools for best practices in non-profit management, boards, staff and volunteers each year.

CS3 Partners develops great people who build great non-profits with great partners that, connected together, drive great impact in our community.

Our mission is to strengthen non-profits to enhance sustainability and maximize impact. Our vision is to be the most vital resource and valued partner for the non-profit community.

CS3 Partners consulting services provide innovative and results-oriented strategies to move your agency to the next level of performance, impact and success.

Non-profits, foundations, business and corporations rely on CS3 Partners expertise to help them identify opportunities for growth and change; build strategies for success and effectiveness; and produce high-level results.

CS3 Partners Services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Board Training, Board Optimization & Bylaws Review
  • Executive Transition: Recruiting & Succession Planning
  • Outcomes Evaluation
  • Fund Development Planning
  • Surveys, Market Research & Focus Groups
  • Peer Coaching/ Leaders Circles
  • Marketing & Crisis Communications
  • Financial Management