Board Training & Optimization

Looking to take your Board to the next level?

CS3 Partners Board Training, “Effective Board Governance”, provides your nonprofit Boards of Directors with Best Practices in governance to achieve the highest level of board performance and mission impact.

A customized 2-3 hour interactive session will help the board understand its role and best practices including:

  • Mission and Purpose
  • Legal and Ethical Obligations of the Board
  • Best Practices Governance Strategies:
    • Structure of the Board
    • Recruitment and Orientation
    • Evaluation and Assessment
    • Strategies for Effective Meetings
  • Board/Staff Roles and Responsibilities:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Fund Development
    • Program Evaluation
    • Financial Management
    • Operational Management (Marketing, Facilities, Technology, Human Resources, Legal)
  • Best Practices of Highly Effective Board Members

Board Optimization

In addition to the Board Training outlined above, CS3 Partners will provide an in-depth pre-session Board Assessment Survey to assess your current board and practices and will incorporate the results and recommendations for improvements into an additional hour of training (3-4 hour session total).  This option includes a customized Board Optimization Toolkit with best practice board governance sample documents and templates.

Bylaws Review

In addition to the Board Training outlined above, CS3 Partners will review the organization’s existing bylaws and make recommendations for best practice changes with the following included:

  • Review bylaws
  • Conduct telephone interview with Executive Director to ensure needed changes requested are incorporated
  • Document bylaws changes and recommendations
  • Conduct telephone review of recommended changes with Executive Director

Board Retreats

Align your board around common purpose and understanding through full- or half-day facilitated sessions. Sessions are custom built around your organization’s unique needs but can include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Future State/Visioning exercises
  • Values Creation
  • Mission, Vision, Values Alignment
  • SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats assessment and/or exercises
  • Board Assessment and Evaluation
  • Team Building exercises

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