Connect With Your People

Inspire Top Performance Through Giving & Volunteering

A recent report about the increasing importance of workplace charitable programs and the best way to manage these programs found that corporate giving is no longer just about giving.  It’s about creating fully integrated opportunities to engage each and every employee. I’m sure you’ve noticed that rallying around a common cause or goal provides great opportunities for increasing and promoting your employee engagement.

At CS3 Partners, we make it easy to promote the pillars your company supports. We build and manage branded collections of vetted charities, effortlessly promote your fundraising events, feature cause campaigns (for a single or group of charities) and quickly respond to external events such as natural disasters or local needs; all on your behalf.

Companies understand the value of employee giving programs.

Over 80% of companies agree that their company is committed to a giving program. And they also agree that employee involvement impacts their ability to attract and retain quality talent.  That’s why, as the report notes, businesses are no longer wondering if they should offer an employee giving program, but rather, how they can maximize their efforts through all out corporate programs.

Charity Vetting & Due Diligence

There are over 6,500 not-for-profit organizations in Manitoba. Where do you even begin? Whether you have a special incentive program for charities or just need to identify charities that fit within your corporate pillars, CS3 Partners can help! We’ll determine if the organization is a registered charity in good standing, confirm that the organization’s mandate matches their training, scope and scale, understand if and how the charity meets your guidelines and beliefs.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting statistics:

Branding is key.  Eighty percent of the employers surveyed are branding their workplace giving programs with their own names, themes, and/or logos.

Employees want diversity.  Employers are at least one-third more likely to strengthen aspects of their giving program in response to changing employee expectations that engage them in a broad range of charitable activities.

Companies are consolidating.  About 70% of employers indicate they have aligned their giving campaign with other employee engagement programs and/or corporate philanthropic initiatives, a 38% increase since 2006.

Giving is getting more social.  Thirty percent of respondents now allow employees to post videos and/or testimonials in support of their favorite charities, while more than half report they are likely to incorporate more social media tools into their giving programs within the next two years.

The report’s findings represent an exciting opportunity for companies to increase employee engagement and community impact at the same time.  CS3 Partners is helping companies push the envelope with both engagement and impact and enhancing the growing demands of workplace giving programs.

CS3 Partners is enterprise passionate about creating distinctive, easy and compelling ways for companies to make a difference while achieving greater business impact from their cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving and volunteering programs. We offer innovative solutions and services to help power your “Goodness Programs” across multiple applications.

CS3 Partners is a for-profit company, but we also pursue a strong social mission to help change the landscape of philanthropy and make our community a better place for all.  We need to make a profit as a business, but that is not our only bottom line. As we succeed by powering innovative cause marketing, community investment and workplace giving programs, we will also succeed in our social mission of helping others make a difference.


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