Fund Development Planning

HR0407.JPGCS3 Partners Fund Development Planning assists nonprofit Staff and Boards of Directors in assessing their current level of performance in fund development, brainstorming potential sources of funding, and writing a fund development plan that supports the key strategies of the organization.


Desired Outcomes:

  • The Organization will have an clear assessment of its fund development process
  • The Board and key staff will understand its roles and responsibilities as it relates to fund development
  • The Organization will have a fund development plan with measurable goals, action plan and responsible parties


Phase 1: Assessment of current fund raising efforts

  • Staff will gather data based on checklist of needed documents
  • CS3 Partners  will analyze the fund development processes and accomplishments to understand the “current” state
  • CS3 Partners will conduct 2-3 Interviews/work sessions (face-to-face or telephone) with staff and key board members
  • CS3 Partners will design, administer and compile online survey to Fund Development/Marketing staff and board
  • CS3 Partners will facilitate a 1-2 sessions with key staff, fund development committee and board members to brainstorm funding sources, and best utilization of board members
  • CS3 Partners will document results of the assessment

Phase 2: Education

  • CS3 Partners will facilitate a 3-4 hour training and presentation to the board including gaining alignment on their role in fundraising and marketing

Phase 3: Develop the Plan

  • CS3 Partners will work with staff in creation of a development plan
  • CS3 Partners will document development plan and recommendations

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