Organizational Assessment

CS3 Partners Organizational Assessment benchmarks your organization as compared to industry best practices and provides you with a tool to identify specific next steps to increase your performance. It is an innovative online tool that makes it easy to collect, organize and evaluate critical information for your organization to easily understand its “current state” and areas for growth – information that is a great springboard for your strategic plan.
CS3 Partners Organizational Assessment is based on accepted best practices in the nonprofit sector that experts deemed critical as success factors for high performing nonprofit organizations.
The Assessment surveys nonprofit Staff and Boards of Directors on the organization’s current level of maturity and performance in 14 key functional areas making it one of the most in-depth study of a nonprofit organization in the country:

An Organizational Assessment provides your organization with: 

  • A clear understanding of its “current state” environment and operations
  • Organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Specific areas for growth and opportunities for process improvement
  • Focused direction and next steps
  • The Board and key staff will have a customized Performance Maturity Summary that can be used to reinforce organizational strengths and identify organizational challenges as a springboard for strategic planning.
  • The Organization can use the Summary as a catalyst for planned change, as motivation for key staff and board members, or as an excellent document to share with funders to build the case for support.



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