Strategic Planning

Man in white shirt holding globe BE 1 Let CS3 Partners make Strategic Planning easier for you!

A Strategic Plan will make your life easier by giving your organization focus and providing the blueprint for what to do next.  Your plan will define where to allocate your limited resources – time, people, and money. It is a tool that will help you say YES! or NO! and allow you to move your priorities forward to maximum impact.

Why CS3 Partners for my Strategic Plan?

CS3 Partners brings a unique expertise in nonprofit culture and a long history of helping nonprofit Boards and staff achieve excellence.  Our expert consultants will facilitate our strategic planning process allowing your team to focus on generating ideas and detailed plans that are based on facts and research.

CS3 Partners offers a range of options to get your strategic plan where it needs to be, including:

  • 629031.TIFOrganizational Assessment and SWOT Analysis –  conduct an online survey coupled with one-on-one interviews to determine the maturity of your organization in 14 key management areas, and your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Board Training establishes a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and best practices in board governance and strategic planning
  • Research – provides competitive and environmental analysis
  • Workshop to facilitate your Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Strategic Planning Retreat – includes facilitation of retreat, mission clarification, SWOT analysis, identifying goals, and documentation
  • One Year Operating Plan – interactive work sessions leading to a documented detailed and measurable action plan
  • Implementation Management – as needed monthly coaching for ED/CEO, or Project Implementation Management

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